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Laugh Tale was so close?! Uncovering the final island's location | ONE PIECE theories

Laugh Tale was so close?! Uncovering the final island's location | ONE PIECE theories

Where is Laugh Tale? Prepare to be surprised as it's closer than you'd believe! Luffy's aim is to become the Pirate King, but for that, he first needs to reach the One Piece. And this great treasure is located on Laugh Tale. But where is this island? There are many theories circulating, but after analyzing them thoroughly, only one passed the test. What test, you ask? Well, we've dug through the dialogues and the graphs that mentioned this legendary island in the manga, and four criteria have arisen. These four criteria must be met for a location to be Laugh Tale: the island can't be reached by chance, otherwise, someone could have already reached it. It also must have a magnetic field, but log poses can't trace it. This means that it has to be near a traceable island or outside the Grand Line. And finally, it does not require a specific time to reach it. So whether you call it Laugh Tale or Raftel, join us as we uncover the true location of Luffy's final destination! 🏴‍☠️CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 00:45 What is Laugh Tale? 02:43 Four Conditions to be Laugh Tale 03:14 N°1 No Luck Involved 05:25 N°2 Magnetic but Untraceable 06:03 N°3 How to Reach the Untraceable? 09:16 N°4 Time is Not of the Essence 10:34 The Reverse Mountain Theory 11:11 Clue N°1 Mercator's Map 13:04 Clue N°2 Lodestar 14:17 Clue N°3 Deep Ocean Currents 21:27 Clue N°4 Fish-Man Island 23:47 Reverse Mountain Theory put to the Test 25:50 The **** Theory 27:54 Clue N°1 Jaya and Upper Yard 28:20 Clue N°2 Jaya's Magnetic Field 28:58 Clue N°3 How Magnetic Fields Work 29:48 Clue N°4 How Log Pose Work 31:10 **** Theory put to the Test 🏴‍☠️Subscribe to our channel for more ONE PIECE content! 🏴‍☠️ONE PIECE(ワンピース) ©︎Oda Eiichiro/VIZ Media/Shueisha/Fuji Television Network/TOEI ANIMATION #onepiece #anime #manga #onepiecetheory #foreshadowing #laughtale #raftel
High Oxalate Foods - This Nutritious Vegetable Could Kill You

High Oxalate Foods - This Nutritious Vegetable Could Kill You

High Oxalate Foods - This Nutritious Vegetable Could Kill You Are you familiar with Popeye the Sailor? This famous fictional cartoon character and his love and obsession for spinach? The green vegetable with instant strength-boosting powers and the potential of turning Popeye (or you for that matter) into a superhuman hero capable of solving those unsolvable problems? Well, if you were exposed to Popeye cartoons or comic strips, which probably you were, chances are you've been holding strongly into a misconception your whole life and probably have done more harm than good to your health by seeking to boost your strength and endurance from that famous Popeye spinach can! In today's video we look at The Spinach Myth - This Nutritious Vegetable Could Kill You ..Keep watching to learn more about the vegetable myth, vegetables are not necessary, the vegetable myth: veggies are not necessary, benefits of spinach, vegetables, christopher walker vegetable myth, oxalates in vegetables, spinach benefits, oxalates in spinach, are vegetables bad for you, spinach is the worst source of iron, spinach is the worst source of iron dr berg, oxalates, high oxalate foods, foods high in oxalates, oxalate, what are oxalates, high oxalates foods, high oxalates food to avoid and oxalates spinach! Subscribe to learn more about health and wellness, holistic health, alternative medicine, nutritional facts, womens health, wellness, chronic pain, plant based and plant based news, carnivore diet, health coach and Paul Saladino! Inspired by The Food Theorist, Weird History Food, What I've Learned, and Mashed. Inspired by OXALATES (7 High Oxalate Foods) Sensitive To Oxalates? Inspired by Food Theory: Liver King, The RAW Truth! Inspired by I Was WRONG About Veggies (Plant Problems) 2023 Inspired by Food Theory: Skip the Salad. Eat Some Chocolate! Inspired by Dr. Anthony Chaffee - 'Plants are trying to kill you!' Click here to subscribe: